Education Case Studies

Take a look at how these smart organisations use i3 solutions
to bring digital skills to the classroom.


Learn how the use of technology has a high impact on learning outcomes in a school with over 45 nationalities

Omnimundo embraces diversity with education technology and measured a staggering 88% in better test results.

Learn how over 3000 teachers in the state of Jalisco participate in an innovative pedagogical approach to reduce school desertion

The state of Jalisco in Mexico tackled educational lag with interactive classrooms and helped +3000 teachers with a training program to improve technical skills.

Digitizing traditional education

About implementing interactive whiteboards and supporting all teaching styles.

Pushing boundaries with dynamic learning

How movement in the classroom improves learning for children with a mental disability

Getting children moved by learning

Schillerschule Unna is well aware of the benefits of active lifestyles and tries to keep children moving all day.

Improving the understanding of the dog anatomy with touch table technology

The School of Simulation and Visualisation (SimVis) at The Glasgow School of Art core areas of activity are primarily centred around the development of new technologies.

Finding an advanced & learning-centered solution to support lesson content & teacher development

Colegio Virgen De Pompeya in Chile was looking for an advanced and learning-centered solution to support lesson content & teacher development.

Making educational technology visible, available and accessible.

Valley Stream District 24 wants to create opportunities for students to collaborate and communicate, not just within the classroom, but across learning spaces and multiple schools.