i3 Tech Update: i3STUDIO Release on July 8th

Written by i3-Technologies
Wednesday, July 3, 2024

On Monday, July 8th 18h00 CET, i3-Technologies will be releasing an i3STUDIO update, including new features for i3WHITEBOARD. Read more about the updates below.

What's new in i3WHITEBOARD?

  • Locking and unlocking objects on the canvas
  • Customize your pen and finger preferences
  • Improvements for object manipulation and menus 
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes.

More detailed information (and demonstration videos! 📽️) in this article:

🔗 What's new in i3WHITEBOARD 1.18.0?

Additional settings in i3RDM

  • Set a custom SMTP server for i3WHITEBOARD email exports
  • Additional settings to support the new i3WHITEBOARD features

Discover all details in this article:

🔗 What's new in i3RDM 2.5.0?

What's the user impact?

i3RDM might be temporarily unavailable during the deployment on the 8th of July 2024.

Installation on the i3TOUCH display will be executed automatically.
For most users the updates will be installed on boot. There might be some transitional effects caused by the updates. Examples are screen flickering or turning black, application popups and/or becoming unresponsive. In these cases we advise to turn off the display using the power button to reboot the display.

Deprecation Reminder:

The updates mentioned do not apply for the i3TOUCH EX, PX and ES families, which have been placed under active maintenance. The April 2024 release was the last release for these panels. However, the i3 Technologies support  and software development team remains available for any issues.


If you have any technical questions, don't hesitate to contact one of our service desk agents.


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