logitech and i3-technologies office setup

i3-Technologies and Logitech powering workforce productivity

Written by i3-Technologies
Friday, September 16, 2022

Sketching a flowchart? Making a diagram? Brainstorming ideas? Collaborating on an interactive whiteboard is the best way to generate ideas and discover solutions in real-time. But when a significant part of the team works at home on a particular day or is working somewhere other than the office, it is a challenge to make the brainstorming process run smoothly and equally for everyone.

Collaborative solution

i3-Technologies and Logitech have partnered up to provide the right tools and to ensure effective collaboration wherever work happens.

Logitech and i3 Technologies offer their bundles as an all-in-one solution for effective collaboration, whether together in the office or working in a hybrid scenario. From the boardroom to the meeting room, the joint solution delivers one consistent user experience for spaces of all sizes. With all essential tools at your disposal —interactive whiteboarding, wireless presentation, annotation, and video conferencing onboard— dynamic collaboration is easy. Make a difference in every room—from high-tech to no-tech—every day you’re on the job.

i3-Technologies and Logitech flexible office set up


An i3TOUCH interactive display paired with a Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini video conferencing camera enables every colleague to be an active and engaged participant wherever they are working.  The collaboration bundles are easy to use, easy to install, and simple to manage, ensuring you make the most of your investment. Logitech hardware is certified to work with all leading cloud video providers, including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom Rooms. 

Logitech’s all-in-one video bars deliver cinematic 4K video, room-filling sound, and AI auto-framing technology—no PC required. Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini let you start a meeting in seconds and create a more equitable and immersive meeting experience for everyone involved.

The i3TOUCH X-ONE has everything you need for a meeting built-in on a 4K interactive display: annotation, wireless presenting, whiteboarding, and video conferencing. Because it’s powered by Android 11 and 8GB of ram, you don’t need to worry about your tech slowing you down. The i3TOUCH interactive displays are customizable so that you can quickly get to what you need, like starting Logitech Rally Bar with just one touch. The device saves time and energy by shutting down when not in use and waking up the moment you walk into the meeting room.

Whether the i3TOUCH is wall-mounted or on a mobile stand, the flexibility is yours when it comes to the setup. A wall-mounted i3TOUCH display with Rally Bar gets your teams up and collaborating on the display while making sure everyone is seen and heard. Is your meeting on the move? No problem. Wheel your i3TOUCH and Rally Bar Mini into any space and still get the same smooth meeting experience.

Better together

Together, Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini and the i3TOUCH interactive display deliver exceptional meeting experiences for in-person and remote teams. The partnership between i3-Technologies and Logitech helps collaboration to be simpler and more effective so you and your teams can focus on bringing your big ideas to life.

Alliance Partnership: As an alliance partner of the Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP), i3-Technologies collaborates with Logitech to promote video conferencing solutions that are feature-rich yet easy to use and deploy.

Motion Pictures Association

The Belgian branch of Motion Pictures Association was looking for solutions for video conferencing and wireless presenting in combination with an interactive display. In addition, the solution had to be compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms. They chose to use an i3TOUCH combined with Rally Bar to build their perfect solution.

Europ Assistance

For their new office, Europ Assistance was looking for solutions for room booking, video conferencing, wireless presenting, digital signage and more. The Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini were chosen in combination with an i3TOUCH in different sizes to build the perfect combination for in their meeting rooms.


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