Potencie el aprendizaje interactivo con i3ANNOTATE

Empower interactive learning with i3ANNOTATE

Written by i3-Technologies
Friday, June 14, 2024

When using interactive touch screens teachers often want annotate any website, video, or other interactive content that they want to display to their students. i3ANNOTATE gives them the ability to explain, highlight, or emphasize important points and concepts. This is what teachers need! A simple and effective way to write on any content that they show on screen, without switching between different applications or devices. The presence of i3ANNOTATE can enhance the quality of teaching and learning, and boost the engagement and motivation of students.

Annotating on every screen.

With i3ANNOTATE, the teacher is not limited anymore in lesson sources. You can even capture these notes with the printscreen button into the i3WHITEBOARD app.

Teachers can write and draw in digital ink over open applications, files, folders, websites, and any other open window on the i3TOUCH. They can even write over a video without pausing the video. The teacher can highlight content on the screen, capture notes as an image, and and even capture these notes with the printscreen button into the i3WHITEBOARD.

  • Annotate or highlight any desktop or application with digital ink on a transparent layer
  • Capture screenshots or annotated snippets
  • Import screenshots or annotated snippets into i3WHITEBOARD

Teachers can also decide to share their annotated canvases in i3WHITEBOARD with colleagues, thus creating an environment of collaboration and team spirit.

Boost efficiency with i3ANNOTATE.

Two clicks away

i3ANNOTATE is always only 2 clicks away, so there is no hassle for teachers to use this handy tool to add ink on a transparent layer.

Annotate anything, even video

Teachers can write over a video without pausing it. This combines video content with their insights and explanations and helps students to understand the video better and follow the teacher’s thoughts.

Useful screenshots

Teachers take screenshots or annotated snippets and import them into i3WHITEBOARD. They can create interactive whiteboard pages, merging info sources with annotations. This aids students in laying connections between topics and provides revisitable resources.

Share this one-pager with your fellow educators

Show your colleagues how i3ANNOTATE can help streamline your teaching process.

Download the one-pager here.


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