A Tech Boost for Your Brainstorming Sessions and Team Buildings

A Tech-Boost for Your Brainstorming Sessions and Team Buildings

Written by i3-Technologies
Thursday, July 11, 2024

Brainstorming and team building activities are essential for driving growth and creativity. With modern technology, like touchscreens, you can take these sessions to the next level, boosting communication and problem-solving. See how tech can transform your team’s innovation game!

Today's tech usage

Traditional methods like flipcharts and sticky notes are still valuable for collaboration, but technology has transformed the way we work together. Nowadays, companies use: 

  • Videoconferencing tools: platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams ensure seamless collaboration, regardless of team member’s locations.  
  • Collaborative software: tools like Slack and Trello improve the organization of ideas and tasks, as well as communication.  
  • Virtual whiteboards: digital whiteboards effectively visualize and structure ideas.  
  • Touchscreens: these interactive screens enhance idea sharing and development during brainstorming session.  

How technology improves brainstorming and team building 

Technology such as touchscreens offers advantages that traditional methods often can’t match: 

  • Easy access: everything you need is immediately available on the screen.  
  • Active participation: the interactive nature of touchscreens involves all team members actively.  
  • Large workspace: the big screen enables multitasking and simultaneous management of tasks and ideas.  
  • Visual aids: complex ideas are presented clearly, improving understanding and structuring of information.  
  • Adaptive screen: the screen adjusts to user’s needs, from brainstorming to presentations and project planning.  

RSC Anderlecht’s technology upgrade for better collaboration 

At RSC Anderlecht, touchscreens were integrated into the Neerpede training center to improve collaboration and strategic sessions. The touchscreens facilitated interaction, sped up decision-making and improved the visual presentation of strategies and analyses. This led to greater engagement and efficiency during brainstorming sessions.  

Curious for more? Read the full case study 

Touch Screens at Neerpede Training Center RSC Anderlecht
Touchscreens allow us to make notes, co-create, and share content remotely in an intuitive way. This makes remote communication and collaboration much more productive.
Kenneth Bornauw CEO Non-Sports RSC Anderlecht

What collaboration solution is right for you?

Boost the effectiveness of your brainstorming sessions and team building with technology like touchscreens. Transform your company and optimize your collaborations with:  

  • Enhance group collaboration with the i3SIXTY 3. Stimulate creativity and smooth collaboration by rotating and easily moving the screen.  
  • Easy access with the i3TOUCH X3. This screen provides instant access to the Google play store and seamlessly integrates apps that enhance team sessions.  
  • Endless possibilities with the i3TOUCH ULTRA. It allows you to split the screen and perform multiple tasks simultaneously, bringing all team members together.  

Discover how these screens can improve your brainstorming and team-building activities.


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