Touch screen in a finance meeting

Touch Screens in Finance: Enhancing Efficiency and User Experience

Written by i3-Technologies
Thursday, June 27, 2024

In today's fast-paced world, the financial sector continues to transform through cutting-edge technology. These advancements aren't just boosting efficiency, they are revolutionizing how financial services are delivered, making them more accessible and user-friendly than ever..

Current technological landscape in the financial sector  

The technological landscape in finance is rapidly evolving, driven by advanced tools and concepts crucial for enhancing operational efficiency and customer interactions: 

CRM Software and trading platforms: 

  • Essential for market monitoring, meetings, and customer interactions. 
  • Requires complex integration but offers opportunities for enhanced customer service. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and open banking: 

  • Significantly impacting data analysis and personalized customer service. 
  • Promoting interoperability among service providers, yet posing new challenges in privacy and security. 

Custom financial software and public apps  

  • All financial institutions have their own custom financial software that they use internally, alongside software the public uses on their app. 
  • This software manages both internal and public-facing operations, often integrating with other applications like QuickBooks and Excel. 

These technologies not only transform operational processes but also set new standards for security and customer-centricity within the sector. It's crucial for businesses to closely monitor these developments and adapt to remain competitive.

Touch screen in a meeting room

The role of touch screen technology  

Touch screen technology offers a valuable solution within the financial sector, enhancing interaction and efficiency by allowing users to work faster and more intuitively. Benefits include improved data visualization, ease of use and faster decision-making progress.  

The failure rate is very low, I would say almost zero.
Ezequiel Medina Corporate Technology Leader, Banco San Juan

Banco San Juan implemented i3-Technologies interactive solutions to enhance efficiency and customer engagement. This involved using i3TOUCH displays to improve financial operations and customer service. These solutions streamlined processes such as transactions and customer interactions, enabling the bank to offer a more modern and efficient service.

Read more in the full case study.

Key challenges addressed by touch screen technology  

Touch screen technology effectively addresses challenges in the financial sector such as data security and complex workflows. Intuitive interfaces and touch controls increase efficiency in tasks like data analysis and customer interactions. The i3SIXTY series allows collaborative spaces for business events and strategic meetings, particularly relevant in finance where interaction with investment portfolios is critical. These touch screens provide a modern, interactive dimension for presenting investment portfolios in meeting or reception areas.  

Future outlook and industry adoption  

A significant future trend in the financial sector is the integration of advanced touch screens, offering haptic feedback and precision for a smoother user experience: 

Haptic feedback and precision: 

  • Enhances user interfaces with tactile sensations, improving usability and navigation. 
  • Provides precise touch controls for accurate input and interaction. 

Biometric security: 

  • Utilizes touch screens for biometric authentication, ensuring secure customer interactions. 
  • Facilitates seamless integration between internal financial software and customer-facing applications. 

These advancements not only enhance user satisfaction but also reinforce security measures, crucial for maintaining trust and compliance in the financial industry's digital transformation. 

Investments by market leaders like JPMorgan Chase and ING Bank in touch screen technology demonstrate how effective implementation can lead to higher customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

Embracing tech in finance: increase engagement & satisfaction 

Adopting technology in the finance sector offers clear benefits such as enhanced user engagement, streamlined operations and improved customer satisfaction. Financial institutions are encouraged to reconsider their technological choices to remain competitive and effectively meet evolving consumer expectations. 

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