10 Best Educational Android Apps for Your Smartboard

Written by i3-Technologies
Monday, July 3, 2023

Interested in utilizing Android apps in your classroom? Ensure the seamless integration of these apps with your interactive display by checking out our curated list of top educational apps


Traditional teaching and learning methods have evolved significantly thanks to recent technological advancements. Education is no longer confined to textbooks and blackboards: today, we can experience a seamless integration between technology and the modern classroom.

i3-Technologies is at the forefront of innovation regarding classroom technology, offering competitive interactive solutions through a global distribution network. A recent addition to our product range is the latest version of our OPS, a Google EDLA-certified, Android-based slot-in computer. When integrated with our i3TOUCH interactive whiteboard, this device facilitates access to Android applications, expanding educational possibilities. The i3-Technologies OPS and i3TOUCH displays work together to address the diverse requirements of contemporary students and teachers, promoting a more engaging learning environment.

We have tested dozens of Android apps on our interactive whiteboards: keep reading to find out about the ten best educational Android apps you can install on the smartboard in your classroom today.

Benefits of using a smartboard with access to Android apps

Interactive whiteboards have revolutionized the traditional classroom environment, fostering an engaging, dynamic, and collaborative learning experience. Our EDLA-certified OPS seamlessly incorporates the Google Play Store and works with Google Workspace, letting you access all the Android apps you are used to.

Android apps such as Kahoot!, Quizlet, or Explain Everything can supercharge your interactive whiteboard, letting your students experience the apps you are used to with the comfort of an interactive display. The possibilities are endless with all the educational Android apps available.

These apps cater to various subjects and teaching styles, from enhancing students' writing skills and mathematical problem-solving abilities to enriching vocabulary learning. The integration of these tools also supports the flipped classroom approach, promoting student engagement and boosting academic performance.

Choosing the Right Apps for Your Interactive Whiteboard

When deciding to purchase an interactive whiteboard, ensuring that the apps you use work properly to make your transition to a digital classroom smoother is fundamental. To ensure your experience using Android apps will be great, we have meticulously tested dozens of Android apps, ensuring they are fully compatible with our interactive displays.

We introduce here a curated list of apps that our team has extensively tested. We have selected the best ten based on functionality and compatibility with our EDLA-certified i3COMPUTER. The process of trying these apps was comprehensive and rigorous, designed to assess various essential aspects:

  • Installation and Launch: We tested whether the app installs and launches properly.
  • Scaling: We assessed how well each app could adapt to the large screens of the interactive whiteboards, ensuring a smooth experience when using each app.
  • User experience and interface: we evaluated how well the user experience felt when using the app, emphasizing intuitive design and ease of navigation.
  • Functionality: We explored the apps' features and assessed whether all features were available when used on a smartboard.
  • Performance: We gauged the speed, responsiveness, and reliability of the app, ensuring maximum compatibility with our interactive displays.
  • Compatibility: We ensured each app worked properly with Android 13 on our interactive whiteboard. Older apps may not be compatible with the latest version of Android.

Only the applications that excelled in all these areas are included in this list, ensuring they not only enrich the educational content but also cater to diverse learning styles. By delivering immersive and multisensory experiences, these apps boost student engagement and cater to learners with various needs, including those with intellectual disabilities, by leveraging their visual processing strengths.

Additionally, these apps nurture a collaborative learning environment, empowering students to brainstorm, solve problems, and co-construct knowledge collectively. However, it's important to note that proper teacher training, technical support, and thoughtful lesson preparation are integral to fully utilizing these apps' potential.

Top 10 Educational Interactive Whiteboard Apps


Kahoot! is an innovative educational app that makes learning fun and interactive, allowing teachers to create engaging quizzes in various formats. Kahoot! can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard in a classroom setting to create an engaging learning experience.

Using Kahoot! stimulates active participation as students can join in using their own devices to answer the questions in real time. The interactive whiteboard displays the leaderboard, fostering a sense of competition and engagement. This tool can be used for formative assessments, reviews, or introducing new topics. Teachers benefit from immediate feedback, helping them adjust instruction and tailor future lessons according to student understanding.


Jamboard, developed by Google, is a collaborative digital whiteboard designed to facilitate brainstorming and idea visualization. When used with an interactive whiteboard, teachers can effectively illustrate concepts, organize thoughts, and interact with students in real time.

Research shows that visual and tactile engagement boosts comprehension, whether it's a math problem, a science diagram, or a history timeline. Teachers can also involve students in collaborative tasks like group problem-solving or project planning. Its ability to import content from the web or Google Drive is an excellent tool for integrating multimedia elements into lessons.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a comprehensive learning management system that helps teachers streamline their workflow by integrating Google's suite of productivity tools. Displaying Google Classroom on an interactive whiteboard enhances communication and transparency in the classroom. Teachers can display assignments, due dates, and feedback, making classroom management more efficient.

Google Classroom also fosters an interactive learning environment by allowing teachers to post discussion questions and encouraging students to engage in academic conversations. This app can be a useful addition to blended learning, accommodating in-person and remote students.


Quizlet is a versatile study tool that leverages the power of flashcards, quizzes, and games for effective learning. Quizlet can engage the entire class in study activities on an interactive whiteboard. For instance, teachers can create flashcards for a new vocabulary list and review them as a class or conduct live quiz competitions.

Teachers can also assign students to create their own study sets, encouraging independent study and promoting peer learning. Quizlet's tracking capabilities give teachers insights into individual progress, helping them to identify areas of strength and improvement.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a vast online learning resource that offers instructional videos, practice exercises, and a personalized learning dashboard. When used with an interactive whiteboard, Khan Academy can supplement classroom instruction effectively.

Teachers can display video lessons to explain complex concepts, allowing for a pause, discussion, or review as needed. The platform's practice exercises can be used for in-class activities or homework, and its adaptive learning engine provides a personalized learning experience, benefiting students with different learning needs. Furthermore, its real-time progress tracking enables teachers to identify learning gaps and adjust instruction accordingly.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a comprehensive digital whiteboard app that is an all-in-one platform for interactive remote learning. It offers various tools for teachers and students to create, narrate, animate, and collaborate on visual presentations.

When paired with an interactive whiteboard, Explain Everything becomes a powerful teaching tool, allowing educators to create dynamic, engaging lessons that can be replayed for reinforcement. Teachers can also record instructional videos for asynchronous learning. From a student perspective, Explain Everything fosters active learning, as students can use the app to demonstrate their understanding of a subject by creating visual presentations.


Padlet is a versatile online tool that provides a shared digital canvas for collaboration and idea-sharing. Padlet lets users create boards to post and share various types of content, such as text, images, links, and videos.

In the classroom, Padlet can be utilized with an interactive whiteboard to showcase students' work, foster class discussions, and encourage peer feedback. Moreover, Padlet facilitates group projects by providing a platform where each group's progress is visible, enabling teachers to track and assess performance quickly. It's an excellent tool for promoting collaboration and active learning in the classroom.


Duolingo is a language learning platform that employs a gamified approach to make learning a new language fun and engaging. It offers bite-sized lessons that progressively increase in difficulty, allowing users to learn at their own pace.

Teachers can transform language practice into a collaborative classroom activity by displaying Duolingo on an interactive whiteboard. Duolingo makes language learning interactive and enjoyable, whether it's a group competition or a class challenge. Furthermore, immediate feedback allows teachers to gauge students' understanding and adjust instruction accordingly, ensuring effective learning.

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition is an educational variant of the widely popular Minecraft game. This platform encourages students to explore, create, and problem-solve within a virtual environment. Teachers can guide their students' experiences and foster collaborative learning when utilized in a classroom with an interactive whiteboard.

Minecraft offers unique opportunities for cross-disciplinary education, allowing teachers to incorporate concepts from subjects like science, mathematics, history, and even coding into interactive lessons. The immersive nature of the game promotes creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills among students.


Scratch is an intuitive programming language designed by MIT to introduce students to coding. With Scratch, students can create interactive stories, games, and animations, fostering creativity and computational thinking.

When used with an interactive whiteboard, Scratch allows students to showcase their projects and receive peer feedback, enhancing their learning experience. Teachers can also use Scratch to explain coding concepts in a visual and engaging manner. Scratch prepares students for the increasing demand for digital literacy in the 21st century, facilitating the development of logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Some practical advice to introduce apps in your curriculum

Incorporating these apps into your teaching practice can significantly enhance the learning experiences you provide. It's important to ensure your apps and interactive displays work together seamlessly. Any compatibility issues could disrupt learning and cause unnecessary headaches. Thanks to our extensive testing with these apps on our i3TOUCH displays, you can be sure you will not run into issues. This combination ensures top-notch performance, keeps technical hitches at bay, and assures a smooth, user-friendly experience.

To make the most of these apps, consider a brief training session for both students and teachers, focused on the key features of each app. The more users understand these digital tools, the better they can leverage their potential. Also, slowly incorporate these apps into your teaching to avoid becoming overwhelmed with new technology.


Our EDLA-certified i3COMPUTER expands the potential of interactive whiteboards, bringing a fresh perspective to education. Our carefully chosen list of apps lets you take teaching beyond the textbook, offering a more interactive, hands-on learning approach that will be popular among students while also being evident in their school performance.

At i3-Technologies, we're keen on pushing the boundaries of education with our easy-to-use tech. Our goal is to help teachers ignite interest, foster creativity, and instill a passion for learning that sticks around. With i3-Technologies and our modern tech, you can make learning more enjoyable and interactive.

Frequently Asked Questions about EDLA

What is Google EDLA?

The Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA) is a certification granted by Google, allowing device manufacturers to legally incorporate Google's software, such as the Android operating system and Google Play Store, into their devices. Having the EDLA certification means that users can enjoy a seamless, familiar, Android-based user experience, complete with access to Google's vast library of apps on the Google Play Store.

Why is EDLA Important for Interactive Displays?

The integration of EDLA with an interactive display is a game-changer in the world of education. Imagine the powerful combination of a large interactive display and the flexibility of Android applications. It means teachers can leverage their favorite apps to create engaging, interactive lessons right from the board. Plus, because the interactive display operates just like an Android device, installing these apps is a breeze.

How to Install Android Apps on Your EDLA-Certified Interactive Display?

  1. Plug the OPS computer into your i3-Technologies interactive display.
  2. Navigate to the Google Play Store on the display.
  3. Use the search bar to find your desired app.
  4. Click on the app and then click "Install."
  5. Once the installation process is complete, you can open the app from your interactive display’s home screen.


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