i3TOUCH V-Series
Entry-level touchscreen

Getting started with collaboration technology?

The i3TOUCH V-Series is a perfect touchscreen if you want to get started with interactive work sessions, without hurting your budget. It is great value for money.

The basics for an interactive meeting

V-sense multi-touch interaction, whiteboarding, presenting & video conferencing: all basic meeting functions are available at your finger tips.

Worry-free with up to 7 years warranty

We know you want to get the most out of your touchscreen. That's why we confidently offer a standard 3-year warranty which can be extended to 5 years (free for education entities) or 7 years. 


Wide range of sizes

i3TOUCH V-Series comes in a wide range of sizes from 65", 75" to 86” to provide the correct size for any room, and ensure everyone has excellent visibility, wherever they’re seated.

Instant note taking

i3NOTES instant whiteboard software is integrated in the Android OS and allows you to make annotations and share them immediately without using another device.

V-Sense technology

This technology uses sensors in the full frame of the display to detect touches even if dust or other objects are obstructing portions of the frame.

20 touch points

The integrated multi-touch technology recognizes up to 20 touch points at the same time.

Android on board

The Android OS has built-in apps such as a web browser, file explorer and documents editor. Browse the internet and open your MS Office or PDF files without needing a computer.

Plug & play

Slide an OPS computer into the display and get started immediately.


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