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i3CAIR is an indoor air quality sensor which improves wellbeing, health & safety in classrooms and work environments through ambient monitoring and data analytics.

How monitoring indoor air quality becomes more relevant

With the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses, monitoring indoor air quality is crucial to the health and safety of classrooms and work environments. i3CAIR is a simple solution that ensures you can return to the workplace or the classroom safely by monitoring, alerting and reporting on indoor air quality, and the solution fully integrates with the i3TOUCH interactive display.​

How does indoor air quality impact my environment?

Temperature: Influences virus infection rate and has an impact on performance in the classroom or workplace

Humidity: Virus particles can remain highly infectious in humidity levels below 30% and above 55%

Carbon dioxide: CO2 is an excellent indicator of indoor air quality and proper ventilation of a workspace or classroom

Particulate matter: Higher levels of particle pollution can lead to higher levels of infections, not only COVID-19, but also other viral illnesses

An indoor air quality sensor for individual office spaces, meeting rooms or classrooms

The basic configuration provides you with the​ tools you need to follow-up on indoor air quality in​ an individual office space, meeting room or​ classroom.​ The i3CAIR Wellbeing Index allows you to have full visibility of the temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and particulate matter, and alerts you when you need to take action to improve ambient conditions.

Monitor multi-room air quality and receive alerts

i3CAIR offers a central, cloud-based dashboard of all ​of the sensors within your building, or in multiple locations, with complete historical data and advanced​ reporting capabilities. ​All sensors in multiple locations are presented in one single overview with central alerting. An indefinite archive of historical data can be used for extensive reporting and data analytics. All of this is accessible anywhere and anytime.

Integrated with your BIZ or EDU launcher. 

The i3CAIR integrates seamlessly with our EDU / BIZ Studio, bringing ease of use and simplicity to your workspace or classroom.
Check your indoor air quality at all times thanks to the i3CAIR widget. 


Plug and play

It’s as simple as that. The i3TOUCH will automatically recognize when an i3CAIR is plugged in.

Real time data

View the conditions of your indoor air quality in real-time and a 7-day history right from your i3TOUCH display.

Air quality sensor

The i3CAIR Air Quality Sensor can monitor the air quality of your workspace or classroom and trigger alerts when rooms need to be ventilated.

Wellbeing Index

The indoor air quality index, along with individual sensor data such as temperature, humidity, particle matter, and carbon dioxide levels can be consulted easily on the i3TOUCH display

One-cable connection

The i3CAIR solution easily connects to your i3TOUCH device with a USB-C connection which can be connected to the screen.


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