i3TOUCH + i3COMPUTER + Zoom Rooms
Complete Interactive Video Conferencing Solution

Create the perfect interactive Zoom Room

Enable users to organize collaborative sessions with remote team members in just one click with the simple yet powerful interface from Zoom and the plug and play i3TOUCH interactive touch screens.


A full range of plug & play interactive displays featuring an accurate and smooth touch experience.

The i3TOUCH Series allows multiple users to present their content wirelessly from any device on the display with just one click, and annotate their content in real-time.

For any meeting space
The i3TOUCH Premium comes in a wide range of sizes from 55”, 65", 75" to 85” to provide the correct size for any room.

Best quality video experience
The broadest range of Interactive 4K (UHD) displays.


Easy integration
Conveniently integrates into the display.

Pre-installed with Windows and Zoom Rooms software.

Smooth video
Meets high standards of Zoom Rooms to ensure a smooth video call experience.

No messy cables or additional power supply required.

Zoom Rooms software

A software-based conference room solution specifically designed for board, conference, huddle, and training rooms.

High quality video and audio
Install high quality video, audio and web conferencing in almost any size of meeting room.

Wireless sharing
No more cords, cables and dongles – present content wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device.

Meet with anyone on any device
Include remote participants via desktop, mobile or other conference room systems.

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