i3TOUCH P Series
World Leading capacitive touch Interactive Solution

Sleek & intuitive design

The i3TOUCH P-Series is the perfect match in every state-of-the-art meeting room combining the essentials for interactive meetings with a sleek, stylish design that feels very natural and intuitive.

Boost flexible brainstorming

Ideas can start anytime. i3TOUCH P-Series makes it easy to grab the moment, whiteboard your ideas, share them and continue working on them later.

Kickstart your presentations

Get your presentations going with just one click. i3TOUCH P Series allows multiple users to present their content wirelessly from any device on the display and annotate their content in real-time.

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Simple notetaking

Use the integrated i3NOTES instant whiteboard software to make quick notes and share them immediately without using another device.

Capacitive sense

The capacitive touch technology creates a very responsive and natural touch experience and a sleek, stylish design.

Wide range of sizes

The i3TOUCH Premium comes in a wide range of sizes from 55”, 65", 75" to 85” to provide the correct size for any room.


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