i3TOUCH E-series
Best-in-class Interactive Solution

Make learning visual
& interactive

The i3TOUCH E-Series has all the tools to bring enthusiasm and engagement into the classroom. Let students experience true collaboration on the multi-touch display. Bring in top quality visual experiences and spark curiosity and passion for learning.

Promote 21st century skills

Tap into a wide array of visual lesson content with our award-listed online learning platform i3LEARNHUB. Promote skills like communication and collaboration to make learning more lasting and effective.

Drive productivity
& engagement

i3TOUCH E-Series helps create a high level of engagement in the meeting room. Allow multiple users to share their views and ideas on the display in real-time.

Easy online meetings

Today online meetings are an essential part of the business workflow. The i3TOUCH E-Series makes meetings with remote teams very easy and smooth: it works flawlessly with any UC platform and videoconferencing tool.

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Simple notetaking

Use the integrated i3NOTES instant whiteboard software to make quick notes and share them immediately without using another device.

Annotation overlay

Annotate over any image, site, app and save your notes in i3NOTES.

Wireless presenting

Use the i3ALLSYNC mirroring app to share your screen instantly on the display.

Wireless presenting from any device

Use the i3ALLSYNC HDMI Transmitter to share your laptop's screen instantly without any installation. You only need the i3ALLSYNC wireless presenting app on your i3TOUCH E10R.

V-Sense technology

The touchscreen gives perfect results when working in strong light, thanks to the V-Sense touch technology.

20 touch points

The integrated multi-touch technology recognizes up to 20 touch points at the same time.

Android platform

The Android OS has built-in apps such as a web browser, file explorer and documents editor. Browse the internet and open your MS Office or PDF files without needing a computer.

Up to 8 years warranty

At i3-Technologies, we are proud of our quality products and we offer a warranty of up to 8 years for education, which is unique in the market.

Wide range of sizes

i3TOUCH Excellence comes in a wide range of sizes from 55”, 65", 75" to 86” to provide the correct size for any room.


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