Wireless Presenting


i3SYNC Pro

Wireless presenting

Share content wirelessly from any device at the push of a button. Plug in the i3SYNC transmitter to your laptop and the receiver to your touch screen. Now you’re ready for instant sharing.

i3ALLSYNC HDMI Touch Transmitter

Transmitter for wireless presenting

Share your screen instantly without any installation. Connect the i3ALLSYNC HDMI Touch Transmitter to your device and press the button to start sharing.

i3ALLSYNC HDMI Touch Receiver

Receiver for wireless presenting

Upgrade your touch screen with the i3ALLSYNC HDMI Touch Receiver. Share your screen onto the display, take quick notes on the whiteboard or annotate any shared content.


Wireless presenting app

No more need for additional hardware. With i3ALLSYNC everyone can share their screen wirelessly from any device. All you need is the i3ALLSYNC app.