Touchscreens for Education


i3TOUCH E Series

Best-in-class interactive solution

The i3TOUCH E Series has all the tools to bring enthusiasm and engagement into the classroom while staying within budget. 

8 Year Warranty for Schools     Warranty up to 8 years

ICON_STYLUS_170x170.png     Pens support multi-colour writing

ICON_SIZE_MATTERS_170x170.png     Available in 55", 65", 75" and 86"

ICON_PLUG_PLAY_2_170x170.png     Includes i3EDU Studio


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i3TOUCH V Series

Budget-friendly interactive solution

The perfect entry-level touchscreen for those getting started with interactive learning at an attractive price.

Icon of piggy bank     Affordable price

icon of different screen sizes     Available in 65", 75" and 86"

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The ultimate flipchart for your auditorium

Turn your auditorium into a modern, interactive learning space. Easily cast the screen of the display to a larger device to present to a larger audience.

     Whiteboarding in landscape & portrait mode

ICON_EXTENDED_DESKTOP_170x170.png     Wireless presenting

ICON_INTERACTIVE_SOFT_170x170.png     Video conferencing

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