Touch screens for Business



Interactive excellence

65" 75" 86"

The i3TOUCH EX delivers an outstanding performance and stunning images. It is equipped with the best, most precise IR touch technology, giving you a very natural and precise writing experience.


Professional touch
capacitive display

55" 65" 75" 86"

The i3TOUCH PX is our best capacitive touch display with a stunning performance and high-end aesthetic. It comes with a smooth pen-on-paper writing experience and enhanced interface.


The most advanced

digital flipchart


The i3SIXTY is a mobile and interactive digital flipchart that can turn any space into a modern, collaborative workspace.


Plug & play collaboration display for huddle rooms


i3HUDDLE is a flexible meeting room solution that makes presentations, trainings and meetings simple.

i3TOUCH P Series

World leading

capacitive touch screen

55" 65" 75" 86"

The i3TOUCH P Series combines the most essential collaboration tools with a sleek, stylish design that feels very natural and intuitive.

i3TOUCH E Series


interactive touch screen

65" 75" 86"

The i3TOUCH E Series has all the tools to bring enthusiasm and engagement into the meeting room while staying within budget.

Zoom Rooms

Complete interactive
Zoom Rooms solution

55" 65" 75" 86"

Organize collaborative sessions with remote team members in just one click with the simple yet powerful interface from Zoom and our plug & play interactive touch screens.


Upgraded meeting room tech leads to higher customer satisfaction
Meeting rooms in hotels are becoming increasingly popular. But can they meet the high technology expectations of their guests? Find out how Hotel Frederiksdal tackled this challenge.