The ultimate software suite

EDU Studio

Enjoy one touch access to i3LEARNHUB, our interactive teaching software, and other essential collaboration tools —including wireless presenting, whiteboarding and screen annotating— on our i3TOUCH displays.

The ultimate software suite
for any classroom.

Our latest i3TOUCH displays come pre-installed with our EDU Studio, bringing ease of use and simplicity to your classroom with apps to present wirelessly, whiteboard or annotate screenshots without any external device.

Interactive teaching with i3LEARNHUB.

i3LEARNHUB is an interactive teaching solution that is built to facilitate the teaching delivery process. It enables teachers to work with the tools they truly need and methods they already use. Both teachers and students can participate in online lessons without any technical know-how needed.

Capture your ideas.

Capture ideas in your web browser, presentation or any other app. Send your annotated screenshots instantly to the whiteboard application so you can share them right away.

Wireless presenting from every device.

Our wireless presenting app is free to download and compatible with Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices (including AirPlay). Control the shared content on the display with wireless touchback.

Intuitive side menu.

Navigate directly to whiteboarding, presenting and other apps, without having to go to the main menu. Switch to different input sources, customize the source names and easily change your settings.

EDU Studio includes


Whiteboarding app to quickly take notes and share them instantly.


Make, save and share annotations in every app you use.

Wireless Presenting (incl. Airplay)

Easily connect other devices and share your screen on the classroom device.

Safe & secure deployment

EDU Studio comes with all the security options you need for a safe deployment in your network.