Hybrid teaching made easy.

With the integration of Google Classroom and live streaming of classes we've made online teaching a breeze.

Discover i3LEARNHUB, our interactive teaching studio, stacked to the brim with educative and collaborative features.



Best in class touch screens
for education

Displays that deliver a stunning performance with a responsive and accurate touch experience that allow you to bring any content to life in your classrooms.

Available in various size ranges to fit any room size. Your students can now enjoy interactive learning at a very affordable price.



Interactive whiteboards

With a display of up to 135” our interactive whiteboards are built to display large images and make your classroom a lot more digital and interactive.

When combined with our ultra-short throw projectors, your lessons are now brighter and sharper than ever before and can be more easily grasped by your students.



Software for education

Our easy to use software allows teachers to easily prepare and deliver lessons to their students effectively, and turn classrooms into collaborative workspaces.

Wireless presenting

Simply share a presentation on your laptop or mobile device, to a presentation screen with a single click with our wireless presenting solutions.


iMO-LEARN: no more boring lessons

With our ground breaking solution, we have effectively tackled your problem of boring lessons.

iMO-LEARN can be used in an analog or digital way to stimulate the brains of your children and have a positive impact on their learning process. Their energy levels and attention spans are kept longer and the barrier of boring lessons are broken.

Touch screen PCs

Our touch screen PCs are available in a convenient slide-in OPS format, so you can seamlessly integrate them into your touch screen. 


A wide range of accessories that complement our hardware and software and provide you with the full, complete solution you need.