Best-in-class Interactive Solutions

The i3TOUCH E Series has all the tools to bring enthusiasm and engagement into the classroom. A great way to create interactive lessons while staying within budget.

     Easy whiteboarding

ICON_EXTENDED_DESKTOP_170x170.png     Wireless presenting

ICON_STYLUS_170x170.png     Pens support multi-colour writing

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Get Creative With the Interactive Whiteboards

Let students experience true collaboration on the interactive i3BOARD: split the screen and allow multiple learning activities at the same time.


ICON_ASSETS_170x170.png     Excellent projection & dry erasability

ICON_SIZE_MATTERS_170x170.png     Sizes up to 135 inch

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Cloud Based Learning Platform Loved by Teachers and Students

i3LEARNHUB is an easy cloud-based learning platform that inspires teachers and sparks curiosity in children.

ICON_ANY_DEVICE_170x170.png     Anytime, anywhere, any device

ICON_ASSETS_170x170.png     Thousands of pre-made assets

ICON_MULTIPLE_PRESENTERS_170x170.png     Multi-user interaction

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How can you bring gamification & movement in the classroom

Key to any modern learning space is the ability to actively involve all students. Our latest whitepaper shows that the use of iMO-LEARN in daily lesson activities has positive effects on student engagement.