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The importance of body language in meetings

Written by i3-Technologies
Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Communication is key for a productive meeting, and body language is a very important aspect of communication, especially in a meeting context. Whether you’re meeting with professionals face-to-face or remotely, body language can help you connect with them and build better professional relationships.

Don’t underestimate the impact

It’s often said that 93% of our daily communication is nonverbal. If this is true, the value of body language is undeniable. Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication and is necessary to communicate our message effectively. To better the use of body language in a meeting, presentation, or when communicating with colleagues, you need to become aware of it.

Use your body language effectively

Many professionals underestimate the importance of body language in meetings. It helps you connect with them and build better relationships. Posture, facial expressions, and hand gestures can convey a message in a meeting context. Body language can reveal a point of view before a word is spoken or indicate when you are actively listening and fully engaged or checked out.

Keeping this in mind will make you a better communicator. To take it a step further, the more prepared you are for a meeting 

Video conference call

Turn on your video camera.

Body language becomes a challenge when meeting with remote colleagues. When participating only through audio, non-verbal communication gets lost, which could be unengaging. You need to turn on the video to convey what you want to say and to maximize engagement. Through video, you can create the same type of connection with your remote colleagues as if you worked right next to each other.

Tips for better body language

Some tips for better body language during your meetings:

  • Posture: Make sure to sit up straight. Not only does this make you feel and look confident when giving your input, but also makes you appear more attentive.
  • Eye contact: Eye contact is crucial to let other meeting members know you are engaged and listening. Always make eye contact with who is speaking.
  • Be aware of your hand movements: Hand gestures can aid a conversation, or they can distract from it. Specific hand movements could also come off as aggressive while hiding your hands can come off as timid.
  • Nodding: A small nod is a simple way to let others in the meeting know you are actively listening, without interrupting or confirming verbally.
  • Avoid Fidgeting: Things like tapping a pen, checking your phone, moving around a lot, and nail-biting can be very distracting. Try to keep still while others are talking.

Smooth online meeting experience

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