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i3LEARNHUB enables teachers to bring digital content into the classroom, stimulate collaboration and prepare students with 21st century learning skills.


Take a look at the new i3LEARNHUB

Based on feedback and ideas of our dedicated i3ALLSTARs, we have designed a completely new look & feel for i3LEARNHUB. Let’s take look at the most important changes.

Trusted by thousands of teachers and schools


The easiest way to
bring digital content
to your classroom

All the tools you need to create and deliver your classes in a digital way. From a digital whiteboard to Augmented Reality, the possibilities are endless.

Access a public library where you can find thousands of rated and curated lessons for free, made by your peers and colleagues. 

i3LEARNHUB also integrates with content providers across the globe to give you access to even more content.

“We looked at the results in my class since we started using technology
and more than 85% of the children are able to get more grip on the
learning material and we also saw improved test results in over 88%
thanks to the use of these digital technologies.“


Olivier Dijkmans - Omnimundo

Promote 21st century learning skills and lifelong learning

Education is constantly evolving to prepare children better for their future. Young people need new skills to be successful in this rapidly changing world and teachers need new competencies to effectively teach those skills to their students.

A tailored training program that meets the needs of the school and teachers will guarantee success in the 21st-century classroom.



Involve all students in the lesson by asking their opinion through an online poll.

Bring Your Own Device

Prepare and deliver lessons anywhere and anytime. Involve students and grab their attention with polling, 1:1 learning and collaborative learning. i3LEARNHUB works on any web enabled device!

1:1 Learning

Make learning more personal. Create exercises on different levels and share them with your students individually. Students can get access without registering, so no hassle to get started!


Allow multiple students to work on the same whiteboard, split the whiteboard with a click of a button.


Activity Builder

Easily customise tons of activities with your own text and images, and share them with your students instantly.

i3LEARNHUB Physical Tools

Use physical measurement tools with i3LEARNHUB, just like a whiteboard!



i3LENS is the fastest way to bring information onto your whiteboard. Snap any picture using your phone and retrieve it in your personal i3LEARNHUB gallery!

Public library

A rich library of tools and images available through the integrated platform and available to our growing community of teachers worldwide.


Bring the best STEM 3D-content from Lifeliqe to your classroom! Let your students enjoy the first K-12 science curricula enhanced with interactive 3D models!





Combine learning and moving to
unleash creativity with i3LEARNHUB content!


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