i3SYNC 4.0

Fast. Wireless. Presenting.
In 1 click.

The i3SYNC FHD 4.0 is a wireless and compact presentation tool that
allows everyone to share their screen instantly on any device.

Hassle-free presenting

i3SYNC FHD 4.0 allows you to share your screen within a second without wires and without installation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Windows, Apple or other operating systems, i3SYNC FHD 4.0 is OS independent and allows any USB-C/HDMI device to share video and audio in high quality on a large screen.

Works with any screen

The i3SYNC is a stand alone presentation tool that works with any screen. It gives you the basic functionality of presenting wirelessly to any screen.

Connect the Receiver to a screen of your choice, connect the Transmitter to your device and you’re all set.

Great user guidance

The i3SYNC screen interface is designed to easily guide you through the connection process.

It notifies you when devices are ready for connection, connection is lost, no devices are paired, and more, for a quick start and smooth presentation flow.


Conference mode

Change the presentation flow according to your needs. Allow users with a connected device to take over the screen or let the presenter start each screen sharing session.

Plug & play

Plug the transmitter into your laptop and press the button once to start the screen sharing session. No installation needed.

Extended desktop

Use the extended desktop function to show different content on your laptop and on the display.

Secure connection

Communication between the transmitter dongle (USB-C and USB) and the i3SYNC receiver is encrypted through WPA2 and secured with 10-digit random password.

OS independent

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android & Linux.

Multiple presenters

You can connect up to 256 transmitters to one receiver.

No batteries

The i3SYNC transmitter doesn't require any batteries as it receives power via USB.


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