The most advanced digital flipchart.

The i3SIXTY R is a mobile and interactive display that makes video conferences a breeze with the full HD wide angle camera that can easily capture the entire meeting room, and delivers great sound and image quality.

Get the ideas flowing

Jot down ideas on the whiteboard like you would on a traditional flipchart, but retain the possibility to continue working on additional pages.

Share content wirelessly

Link your devices to the i3SIXTY R without fuss or cables. It’s easy to share the screen from your laptop or mobile device on the flipchart.

Turn any area into a
collaborative workspace

Through the wheeled, mobile stand you can move the i3SIXTY R to any meeting environment and start collaborating with ease.

Adapt to the way you work

Toggle between landscape and portrait mode to optimally accommodate different types of content, and create a superior viewing experience.

Make your content visible
for a large audience

Instantly share the screen from the i3SIXTY R on the main meeting room display. This allows you to keep using the i3SIXTY R, while also having the screen content directly shown on a bigger display.

Decorative finish

Choose your i3SIXTY R's colorful cover with a decorative and protective finish to the back, tray and cable port. The covers are available in 3 different colors: red, blue and white.

Together, everywhere
with i3SIXTY R OnAir

Upgrade your i3SIXTY R to the ultimate video conferencing tool with the OnAir pack, which consists of a colorful back cover, a full HD wide angle camera and pre-installed Zoom application.

Comes with Zoom meetings

Easily involve everyone during a video conference call using the pre-installed Zoom video conferencing tool. Zoom allows you to host and join meetings without any hassle. 

You can also download the WebEx app in the downloads section below.

Comes with i3CAMERA

The i3SIXTY R OnAir is equipped as standard with the i3CAMERA to make video conferences a breeze. The full HD wide angle camera can easily capture the entire meeting room, and delivers great sound and image quality.



Take quick notes in the i3NOTES whiteboarding app.


Easily create and export annotations on every screen or application you use, even on connected devices.

Wireless casting

Mirror the screen of your i3SIXTY display to your other devices.

Wireless presenting

Share your screen wirelessly with the i3ALLSYNC app or new i3ALLSYNC hardware transmitter.

Easy web conferencing

Simple web conferencing with the integrated camera and microphone, and pre-installed Zoom app.

Integrated browser

Bring your content to life with the integrated browser.

90° screen rotation

Toggle between landscape and portrait mode.

Mobile stand

Turn any area into a collaborative workspace with the wheeled, mobile stand.

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