column solution.

The i3GLIDE is a height-adjustable column solution for flat panels that uses a double counterweight to move the interactive flat panel smoothly, offering greater comfort and accessibility.


Hardly any power needed to initiate the movement of the interactive flat panel, as a result of the double counterweight. This offers an enormous comfort and is a unique feature on the market. Flat panels can be moved far down, making them easily accessible, even for small children and disabled people.


Exclusively high quality materials – steel and aluminum – are used in the production of the sliding mechanism, therefore a long lifecycle is guaranteed. For the finishing of all metal elements, solvent free powder coating is used. This is not only environmental friendly, but ensures that rust will never occur.


All kinds of setups are possible. A simple setup can consist of solely an interactive flat panel, or combined with a single or a double surface, or with add-ons. The interactive flat panel mount is compliant with the VESA standard.


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