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Transforming office communication and collaboration with technology - Calderdale Voluntary and Community

Written by i3-Technologies
Monday, June 26, 2023

Updating outdated technology can revolutionize how organizations function. This rings especially true for the Calderdale Voluntary and Community in Halifax. As the Head of Business Support and Innovation, Gary Gordon tells how their experience was transformed by embracing a shift towards newer technologies that promoted more efficient communication and collaboration.

Easier and Effective Meetings

CVAC relied on old smart boards and projectors for their hybrid meetings for years. It became clear that the diminishing quality of their meetings wasn't due to the hybrid format but rather outdated equipment. Issues arose from dull projector lamplights and challenges with recording feedback during sessions.

The response was overwhelmingly positive when CVAC first implemented an i3TOUCH at a community board meeting. The new equipment allowed attendees in the room and those joining remotely to have a synchronized experience. Features such as zooming in on specific details became accessible to all attendees, sharing contents of the meeting digitally, and the sound quality dramatically improved.

The upgrade also included the addition of an i3SIXTY digital flipchart, providing the flexibility to move around the office space and enhancing their capacity to host a wider range of meetings. Furthermore, the quality of the inbuilt microphone and camera of the new device was significantly superior to their previous setup, improving the meeting experience.

A special thanks to CVAC and our technology partner, Filedoc! Watch the full case study below.

Watch the video case study


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