Rethinking Office Spaces with the Cocoon Space

Rethinking Office Spaces with Prosma and the Cocoon Space

Written by i3-Technologies
Tuesday, July 11, 2023

As time passes, it becomes clearer that traditional office environments must be more conducive to creativity, collaboration, and high productivity. We recently spoke with Michael, the CEO of Prosma, a consulting company that assists organizations in transforming their spaces into ideal environments for everyone. He shared his thoughts on the shortcomings of conventional office spaces and how they could be improved.

The Evolution of Workspaces

Michael thinks there's a common misconception that a well-designed office space equipped with high-end furniture and equipment is ideal for employees. However, things work quite differently in practice. The ecosystem around many employees needs to fit their purpose. The traditional office setting often distracts workers due to constant interruptions from managers, endless meetings, and the pressure of always appearing busy.

The concept of open office spaces where everyone is huddled together, often resorting to headphones to drown out the noise, isn't particularly effective either. It often pushes people to isolate themselves in an attempt to focus on their work instead of fostering communication and creativity.

Prosma's Hybrid Workspace Vision

Michael's solution to these issues is a complete rethinking of office spaces. At Prosma, they've developed the "Cocoon Space," a workspace that caters to different working styles and preferences.

First, there is an open space section for casual communication and collaboration, like a coffee area. The space also provides "team apartments" for groups working on the same project or topic. In these team rooms, distractions are minimized because everyone is focused on a shared goal.

For moments when spontaneous discussions or creative brainstorming sessions need to occur, there are "concept rooms." These rooms are set apart from the main project areas to facilitate more intensive and concentrated discussions.

But what makes Prosma's workspace vision truly innovative is its commitment to hybrid work. They've incorporated technology to bridge the gap between remote and on-site workers, recognizing that not everyone will be physically present in the office.

The Crucial Role of Interactive Solutions

To make their hybrid work model possible, interactive solutions are critical. According to Michael, having a technical bridge is essential for integrating remote team members into on-site discussions and projects. This bridge typically takes the form of big screens and interfaces where everyone can see each other, the project they're working on, and any necessary application or design drafts.

Prosma's philosophy of office space embraces flexibility and innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of work. They believe in creating workspaces that foster collaboration, communication, and focused work, whether the team members are in the office or connecting remotely. Through this approach, they are addressing the shortcomings of traditional office environments while paving the way for a more productive and enjoyable work experience.

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