Laptops and an interactive whiteboard at Omnimundo School Antwerp.

Omnimundo School Antwerp

Written by i3-Technologies
Monday, June 28, 2021

What is Omnimundo?

Omnimundo, a primary and nursery school in Antwerp, Belgium, has a large number of immigrant pupils from underprivileged backgrounds. They are new students with extra challenges. Olivier introduced the digital learning platform i3LEARNHUB in his classroom to maximize the learning opportunities of his students. He was surprised by the results.

The challenges faced by Olivier

Finding a way of teaching that complements the learning trajectory of each student is often a big challenge. Olivier Dijkmans, teacher in the elementary school Omnimundo, has established that the use of ICT in combination with an innovative didactic approach is the most efficient way to take up the challenge.

"We offer our students the best possible support by letting them use custom programs and the Internet."

How i3-Technologies helped Olivier

The online learning platform i3LEARNHUB opens up a new world of teaching. With free access to thousands of teaching activities, Olivier can easily see how his fellow teachers use the platform, build on their work and ideas, exchange lessons with his colleagues and adapt the exercises to the needs of his students.

Interactive displays for education

For Olivier and his students, the i3TOUCH/i3SIXTY is very intuitive, so he doesn’t need to teach his students how to use it - they just play with it for a minute, and they know how it works. When they’re rotating the i3SIXTY from a vertical to a horizontal position to go for a long math equation - it makes a difference! "Technology should serve their convenience and their learning; it should be invisible. We use it for whiteboarding, doodling, and videoconferencing, and we use it for screencasting in staff meetings," said Olivier.

"Geography classes have become visual and interactive. I can open Google Maps on i3SIXTY side by side with the main display. We’ve practiced completing an online escape room across countries using OneNote and the i3SIXTY by putting Emma, a colleague from Sweden, on the i3SIXTY as our virtual guide via video conference through i3LEARNHUB." - Oliver

Active learning with iMO-LEARN

The students in Olivier's class also use iMO-LEARN, our active learning cubes designed to get the class moving. The iMO-LEARN can be used analog and digitally and for individual and group activities. The iMO-LEARN connects directly to the interactive display with i3LEARNHUB and provides a repository of interactive learning games using the cubes. 

Achieving remarkable results with i3LEARNHUB

Streamlined homework. The division of work and the follow-up of tasks has never been easier. Through a single interface, Olivier can distribute, collect, improve and archive the tasks of each student.

Strong visual support. Some students need extra support to get the most out of their learning experience. i3LEARNHUB helps them with a rich library of images, videos and animated apps tailored to the curriculum. In this way, the learning materials are not only much clearer, but also more interesting.

More independence. Strange words or expressions? No problem for Olivier's students; they can easily open the built-in search function to find the meaning in a safe way.


Technology has quickly become indispensable in Olivier's classroom and now plays an important role in the professional development of his students.

Technology has transformed my classroom into a strong learning environment that carefully prepares my students for a bright future.
Olivier Dijkmans


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