Interactive Solutions for Financial Operations: Banco San Juan's Journey with i3TOUCH

Interactive Solutions for Financial Operations: Banco San Juan's Journey with i3TOUCH

Written by i3-Technologies
Monday, June 17, 2024

Banco San Juan, located in the Nuevo Cuyo region of Argentina, is a leading financial institution founded in 1943. Known for its robust suite of financial services, the bank plays a pivotal role in regional business, particularly in the mining sector. Emphasizing a commitment to technological advancement, Banco San Juan partnered with Area Exponencial (i3-Technologies LATAM) to revolutionize their meeting and collaboration spaces with i3TOUCH interactive displays. This technological upgrade has significantly improved meeting interactions, making business operations more dynamic and productive.

The challenge: old technology, new ways to meet

Before integrating i3TOUCH displays, Banco San Juan struggled with outdated conference tools that limited participant interaction and engagement. The bank faced the critical challenge of modernizing their technology to enhance the effectiveness of their business meetings and collaborations across various departments. Ezequiel Medina, the Corporate Technology Leader, noted, "Simply adding a television made no sense. Because you couldn't add any value with that."

The solution: an interactive touch screen as a centerpiece

Banco San Juan adopted i3TOUCH EX 65" and 75" interactive displays as the centerpiece of their technological upgrade. They chose these displays for their ease of use, low maintenance, and robust interactive features that could support dynamic, multimedia meetings. Medina shared,

"They lent us a device and it convinced us; it was what we were looking for."

Implementation process

The bank strategically planned and executed the installation of i3TOUCH displays across multiple meeting rooms. Banco San Juan and i3-Technologies worked closely to ensure that each collaborative space was equipped to support a range of functions, from high-stakes decision-making sessions to routine daily meetings. Together, the companies curated training sessions to help staff maximize the benefits of the new technology.


Enhanced meeting interaction: the use of i3TOUCH screens has led to more dynamic and engaging meetings.

Improved visuals and participation: enhanced visibility and user interaction during meetings foster a more productive environment.

Positive user feedback: staff feedback highlights significant improvements in meeting efficiency and engagement.

Reliability: The low failure rate of the i3TOUCH screens underscores their reliability, with Medina noting:

"The failure rate is very low, I would say almost zero."
Ezequiel Medina Corporate Technology Leader, Banco San Juan
i3TOUCH in action

Don’t focus on cutting-edge tech, focus on pioneering tech providers

Looking ahead, Banco San Juan plans to continue expanding their use of i3TOUCH technology to other areas of their operation, aiming to maintain a cutting-edge collaborative environment.

Medina encourages other institutions to consider similar technological upgrades:

"My message is actually not to always aim for cutting-edge technology per se. I would also bet on companies that constantly get ahead of new developments and focus on bringing such technology to their customers continuously."
Ezequiel Medina Corporate Technology Leader, Banco San Juan

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