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Implementation of technology for interactive video collaboration in the hybrid classroom - Oxford College in Buenos Aires.

Written by i3-Technologies
Monday, October 24, 2022

Oxford College, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with 28 years of experience teaching English. This institution is characterized by updated teaching proposals supported by new technologies and multimedia resources. This approach is developed by highly qualified professionals consistently trained in developing a hierarchical syllabus.

How did Oxford College teach and give lessons before having interactive displays?

The syllabus was oriented to teaching strategies in which students could rapidly access content, and they had the opportunity to use it in natural contexts according to the level reached.

Parents didn’t give enough credit to the digital tools that were provided as an added value, so the literacy work in the use of didactic strategies sustained in the structure of the course was constant. The 2020 lockdown showed them the exponential value of the digital training that was being provided in parallel to the acquisition of the language, and put them a step ahead of the educational institutions they attended for other academic purposes, together with formal education.

The confirmation that Oxford College was on the right path led them to investigate what technological resources could be feasible to bring to the face-to-face classroom and enhance the paradigmatic change that the educational community had managed to make in the use and exploitation of technology as a mediator of knowledge and culture.

Why was interactivity important?

Oxford College believed it was extremely interesting to speak the language in ways which the students feel engaged in; They said that they had to communicate the way native speakers communicate to train them in a new language.

In this development process Oxford College began to work with what they call Blended Education; They accompanied the evolution of the student by making these teaching methodologies their own. This also changed their teaching method and led them to be curious about the concept of a Hybrid Classroom.

What made Oxford College choose interactive displays?

The pandemic was the moment in which Oxford College understood that interaction does not depend on the location or the physical material of study, so they began to investigate how the countries in which the quarantine did not stop the education cycles continued to teach. England, Germany, and Belgium lead the way in implementing their physical classrooms with interactive screens and thus, they were able to work in bubbles which prevented students who stayed at home from missing classes, or those who got sick fall behind.

What was the reaction when interactive displays were integrated at Oxford College?

"You cannot imagine how excited a language teacher can feel when they have this resource and when they are able to access a video and audio for the first time in their classroom," says Claudia Carballido, the General Director of Oxford College.

The i3TOUCH at Oxford College

Touchscreens are one of the supporting devices for their hybrid classrooms. The interactive displays give teachers at Oxford College the freedom to access videos and audio for students who are in the classroom both virtually or face-to-face. The educators feel that they have everything they need to give the students, just one click away.

Touchscreens give them the opportunity to give a better educational experience for both the student and the teacher.

The i3TOUCH is simple and easy to use and it's possible to intuitively access what is needed.

About Oxford College

Oxford College is an educational institution with 28 years of experience in teaching the English language; it coexists with the evolution of the student and seeks to speak in their language to provide them with tools that allow them to interact so that they collaboratively make more enriching conclusions that we lead to new research motivations.

The i3TOUCH interactive displays are easy to use and integrate into the infrastructure. They make the student and the teacher improve their learning experience, increasing the commitment and enthusiasm of both parties.

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