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i3LEARNHUB: An Innovative Digital Platform for Differentiated Learning in the Classroom

Written by Jeroen De Keyser
Thursday, March 23, 2023

Carine, a Belgian teacher, has been teaching for many years and advocates for using technology in the classroom. In a recent interview with i3-Technologies' Community Manager, Anneke Verbeeck, Carine shared her experience with i3LEARNHUB, a software program she believes to be one of the best in the market, especially regarding differentiating learning. Carine emphasized that i3LEARNHUB is a valuable tool for both teachers and students, allowing teachers to have more control over their lessons and enabling students to work independently. With i3LEARNHUB, Carine feels confident that everything she needs for her lessons is readily available, including videos, tricks, and tips that can benefit students. 

Adopting Digital Learning

Carine's experience with i3LEARNHUB began with her first encounter with Smart Notebook, which was the software she used before her school switched to i3LEARNHUB. She acknowledged that her peers were skeptical about incorporating digital learning into their lessons. However, Carine recognized the benefits of using digital tools in the classroom and started implementing them gradually, one subject at a time. By the third year, all of her colleagues had adopted digital learning, and Carine was proud of their progress. 

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i3LEARNHUB and Differentiated Learning

Carine believes that one of the strengths of i3LEARNHUB is its ability to help teachers differentiate learning. With the platform, teachers can easily create groups of students with different learning needs, allowing them to work independently at their own pace. Carine stated that i3LEARNHUB offers diverse activities, and students can watch videos, practice different techniques, and receive tips to help them learn better. As a result, Carine can now devote more time to students who need additional support. 

Carine believes that i3LEARNHUB is a valuable platform that is worth using in the classroom. She mentioned that her school is free to choose its preferred digital platform. However, she observed that i3LEARNHUB remains a popular choice because of its versatility and effectiveness. For Carine, using i3LEARNHUB is a choice that comes from conviction, and she is proud of the progress she has made as a teacher by incorporating digital tools into her lessons. 


In summary, Carine's experience with i3LEARNHUB is an excellent example of how technology can be a valuable tool for differentiated learning in the classroom. The platform has helped Carine, and her colleagues provide diverse learning opportunities for students. As a result, students can work independently and at their own pace, allowing teachers to devote more time to students who need additional support. While other digital platforms may exist, i3LEARNHUB remains a popular choice because of its versatility and effectiveness. For Carine, her experience with the platform has been positive, and she encourages other teachers to give it a try. 

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