East Meadow School District

From One Touch Screen To 9-School-Wide Adoption: East Meadow School District

Written by i3-Technologies
Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The East Meadow School District, located in East Meadow and Westbury, New York, encompasses a dynamic network of nine schools, including two high schools, two middle schools, and five elementary schools. Dedicated to continuously enriching the educational experience of their students, they have partnered with PC University, an i3-Technologies Platinum partner, to address their evolving learning setup needs.

The challenge: finding an adaptive and interactive solution

Central to the district's mission were two significant challenges: adapting technology to cater to various educational levels and elevating student engagement through interactive learning experiences. The primary objective was to modernize and replace outdated instructional tools with innovative, interactive solutions that were both accessible and effective for every student, with a particular focus on inclusivity for special education.

The solution: modern i3SIXTY touch screens for each space 

The search for a solution led the district to partnering with PC University, an i3-Technologies Platinum partner.

With 28 years of expertise in visual displays, PC University has established a strong position for delivering innovative and reliable solutions for K12. In collaboration with i3-Technologies, PC University offered East Meadow interactive screens that provide an incredibly natural and responsive handwriting experience, along with a natural teaching flow, with simplicity.
Geoffrey Miller President / CEO at PC University

The district's phased adoption strategy commenced with the i3SIXTY 43” screens, subsequently integrating the larger i3TOUCH E-ONE in 65”, 75” and 86” sizes to support their class learning environments.

Understanding the diverse requirements of various learning spaces, the district planned the gradual adoption process. It began with pilot testing to ensure the effectiveness of the solutions and to gather essential feedback for a broader district-wide rollout. The choice of screen sizes aimed to match the particular needs of different educational settings—from specialized smaller rooms needing the adaptability and compactness of 43” screens to larger spaces benefiting from the visibility provided by the larger screens as well.

PC University, as a partner, played a central role in the commercial process, installation and implementation of the hardware.

Touch screen in a school
We put the screen into one of the buildings and people saw that it was an easy tool to use, just as easy as our previous solution. And there were some features that teachers liked better. And then we moved from there, going from elementary school to the middle and then from the middle, it went into the high schools as well.
Joanne Naccarato Director of Technology, Testing and State Reporting at East Meadow School District

Navigating implementation hurdles with the team 

Implementing a new technological framework across varied educational environments isn't straightforward. However, with robust support from i3-Technologies, coupled with comprehensive teacher training led by East Meadow's staff developer, Maria Bradley, the district was able to overcome these hurdles. The teachers were also encouraged to "just play with it" to explore its capabilities fully. 

Efficient workflows with Remote Device Management (RDM) 

The successful integration of the technology was further supported by i3-Technologies' Remote Device Management (RDM) system. This tool enabled the district's technical team to efficiently manage devices remotely, streamlining updates and troubleshooting processes to minimize classroom disruptions and maintain a continuous learning experience.

From there, my technicians saw the ease of remotely managing them in regard to updates that needed to be pushed out, so we looked into more screens.
Joanne Naccarato Director of Technology, Testing and State Reporting at East Meadow School District


The initiative led to remarkable results:

  • Increased student engagement: notable rise in active participation and interest among students.

  • Ease of use for educators: teachers found the technology intuitive, enhancing their ability to integrate it into their teaching practices.

  • Enhanced learning experiences: The interactive features of i3-Technologies' products promoted a more engaging and inclusive learning environment.

  • Improved technical efficiency: The RDM feature significantly eased the management of devices, proving beneficial for the technical team.

The teachers note that the i3SIXTY, the rotatable touch screen, has been very helpful this year in their teaching process. It allowed the teachers to utilize various materials such as slides, images and videos in parallel with their regular processes. Special education teachers also used this screen to draw attention of the small groups at the back of the classroom.

Our carpet is on the opposite side of the room from touch screen, so the rotatable and mobile panel allowed us to use all the features also when the students are on the carpet! I also love how I can show students something that’s on my smaller computer screen by screen sharing on the i3SIXTY. We love having this screen in our classroom and use it daily!
5th Grade ICT Teachers East Meadow

Looking into the future

The success story of the East Meadow School District and i3-Technologies serves as an inspiring example for educational institutions aiming to upgrade their teaching and learning environments.

Inspired by East Meadow's journey?

Explore how i3 solutions can transform your educational setting, too. 


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