How to achieve true collaboration?

A key challenge organisations face today is enabling digital transformation while supporting existing workflows. Whether working in Finance, HR, Supply Chain or Sales & Marketing: embracing the shift to more digital collaboration and sharing information is a big challenge. This is exactly the business focus of i3-Technologies: with powerful yet simple solutions, the company is growing quickly within the growing collaboration space, as a trusted supplier to leading global organizations such as Continental, KPMG and Daimler.

Understanding business requirements

Collaboration technologies include a broad array of tools, ranging from intranet, over document management, project management, workflows and more. Before selecting a tool, it is important to understand the requirements of the different department stakeholders. Here is where the role of the CIO as Business Analyst is becoming crucial: overlooking the ecosystem of software, hardware & services, mapping the business requirements to find collaboration tools that fit the needs of the business and can be integrated in the existing ecosystem.


Keeping it simple

In the midst of the digital collaboration jungle, those who are able to keep it simple will survive. Simplicity is at the core of the i3-Technologies “i3’s” product offering. What i3 does in the collaboration technology space is offering an intuitive and flexible meeting experience with user-friendly hardware and software. The hardware range has plug & play interactive touchscreens for any room size, interoperable with a wide range of UC-platforms and videoconferencing tools such as Zoom, Polycom or Skype for Business. The software has a unique position because it offers a place in the cloud for co-creation and enables multi-way collaboration anywhere and on any device.


About co-creation and virtual sticky notes

While innovation is a top priority for most CEOs to remain competitive, there seems to be a lack of awareness of the impact of co-creation on innovation. There is a big opportunity in raising awareness about co-creation and about how to put it in practice in companies. Knowledge workers are often in different locations, so the trick is to enable them to stay connected and let them work together in a visual way. This is where interactive touch displays and cloud-based meeting software are a great asset: they enable whiteboarding, presenting, video-conferencing and even remote scrum sessions with virtual sticky notes.

Driving user-adoption

One of the main issues in organizations after purchasing collaboration technology is the integration and deployment throughout the organization. This is why i3-Technologies offers an online Academy with video-tutorials and learning paths, to help both administrators and users to get the most out of their collaboration tools. It is all about learning by doing.



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