Flexible meeting room solution

Tablet look & feel

Take your natural user experience with your phone or tablet to the workspace. The touchscreen looks and feels like a giant tablet. Familiar gestures such as swiping, pinching and zooming all come naturally.

Windows platform

Benefit from the convenience of an integrated Windows computer. Walk into the room, take notes, access your files, surf on the web, share your screen, meet with a remote team, customise your home screen, and plan the next meeting instantly.

Intuitive user interface

Integrate the video conferencing service that you love. Customise the home screen to have your favourite applications within reach.

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Home button

Press the home button to return to the
home screen at any moment. Enjoy
intuitive and easy navigation.

Video conferencing

Use any type of video conferencing

Simple notetaking

i3NOTES is an instant whiteboard software that allows you to make annotations and share them immediately without using another device.

Instant presenting

Use the mirroring app to share your
screen instantly on the display. Up to 4
people can present at same time in the
split-screen view.

Capacitive sense

Enjoy extreme response speed thanks
to capacitive sense technology which
doesn’t rely on pressure.

20 touch points

Work with multiple people on the
screen. The multi-touch technology
recognizes up to 20 touch points at the
same time.

Tablet look and feel

Familiar gestures such as swiping, pinching and zooming all come naturally and intuitively on the touchscreen.

Windows computer

The all-in-one meeting solution comes
completely set up with an integrated Windows

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