Flexible meeting room solution

i3HUDDLE is a flexible meeting room solution that makes presentations, trainings and meetings simple.

Flexible launcher

The flexible launcher gives you easy access to your key software and apps, as well as pre-loaded collaboration tools to create the ultimate collaborative experience on your i3HUDDLE.

Choose from a wide range of configuration options to customize the look & feel of the launcher to meet the needs of your organization.

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Wireless presenting,
without the hassle

Share your content on the screen no matter what device you’re using. Easily connect other devices and share your screen on the meeting room display.

A hardware transmitter, allowing transmission without any software or installation, is also available.

Easily host or
join video conferences

Add your meeting room calendar to the launcher so you can instantly join scheduled video calls via the calendar appointment in your favourite video conferencing software.

Capture and share your ideas

Brainstorm, capture, and share your ideas on an interactive whiteboard or annotate on web pages or presentations. Share your notes instantly via email, USB or QR code.


Home button

Press the home button to return to the home screen at any moment. Enjoy intuitive and easy navigation.

Video conferencing

Use any type of video conferencing software.


Take quick notes in the i3NOTES whiteboarding app.

Wireless presenting

Share your screen wirelessly with the i3ALLSYNC app or new i3ALLSYNC hardware transmitter.


Open virtual meeting rooms and collaborate with your remote colleagues on documents.

Capacitive Sense

The capacitive touch technology creates a natural touch experience and a sleek, stylish design.

Active Pen

Automatically activates the writing function in i3NOTES+ and Windows ink supported apps as Microsoft Office 365, including pressure sensitivity.

Windows computer

The all-in-one meeting solution comes completely set up with an integrated Windows 10 Pro computer.

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