Our mission

i3-Technologies is part of the i3-Group of companies — a privately held, family-owned company founded in 1968 and with headquarters in Belgium. The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interactive technologies for group collaboration.

We operate globally through a worldwide network of value-added distributors and resellers that make its portfolio of products available in more than seventy countries and ensure best-in-class service delivery and support.

We ensure you can leverage your existing technology by building a solution that works in the way your teams want to work. Its innovative solutions bridge the digital and analogue worlds, giving you peace of mind that you have invested in robust and easy-to-use technology that everyone will love.

The meaning of i3

The brand name i3 is based on three principles: interactivity, inspiration and integration.

Interactivity refers to how social dynamics and collaboration drive new ideas.

Inspiration refers to how interactive and integrated environments and tools, experienced trainers and the right resources inspire learning.

Integration refers to how furniture, rooms, technology and trainers improve how we access information, how they improve visuals and content for group presentations, and improve interactive collaboration and technological education.

A family-run business with nearly 50 years of history

In 1968, Robert Van Erum founded the sole proprietorship Vanerum and closes a deal with Weyel to start the distribution of Weyel school boards, a German brand which is famous for their collection of green school boards.

During the following years, Vanerum expands rapidly and starts designing and producing in-house furniture such as chairs, desks and cabinets.

In 1980, Vanerum opens a new signage department called VIS (Visual Information Systems).

Export rises leading to new establishments in the Netherlands and Germany. After that, Vanerum quickly becomes a leading European manufacturer of school furniture and boards.

In 2000, the distributor of audio-visual and interactive products, VSV, is integrated in Vanerum Group, which becomes a supplier of audio-visual equipment and furniture.

The following years, Vanerum acquires several companies to expand its range. The VIS department becomes an independent business unit known as Vanerum Sign & Display.

In 2009, the annual turnover of Vanerum exceeds 50 million euros for the first time. The company purchases new premises and builds a new logistics centre next to the headquarters in Diest, Belgium. It also creates a new brand identity for its units.

In the following years, Vanerum expands its range of products by customizing furniture for learning environments. Vanerum Group takes over the Danish SiS Functional Furniture to expand its range for i3 learning environments by offering interactive, integrated and inspiring solutions.

In 2013, Vanerum Group officially launches the brand i3-Technologies.