Design spaces that exceed expectations

Architecture firms that understand and anticipate user demands will create spaces that resonate on a deeper level. Explore how touch screens can transform any space—connect with the i3-Technologies team to discover our products that offer new ways to design, innovate, and collaborate.

Modern architecture challenges

Old technology that limits collaboration to basic screen sharing, preventing interactive engagement and seamless hybrid work.

Technical setup issues and multitasking during client collaborations waste valuable time and hinder project efficiency.

Inefficient communication methods that lead to increased travel costs and complicate remote collaboration.

Transform your space with touch technology

From the outset of the design process, integrating touchscreens ensures that every space not only meets but surpasses the demands of digital interaction and collaboration. Discover some of our products:


The i3TOUCH ULTRA is an ultra-wide, 21:9 interactive display. Analyze, visualize, and interact with big data and complex topics, and split the screen to work on multiple tasks. Bring everyone together with immersive video conferencing and presenting capabilities.

i3SIXTY 2 43"

The i3SIXTY 2 is a new spin on the interactive digital flipchart. Minimize clutter and maximize collaboration, whether you are in breakout groups or in a small space, roll the i3SIXTY 2 where and when you need it. It empowers small groups to achieve big results, offering a 90-degree screen rotation, ultra-precise writing experience, and the complete i3STUDIO software suite - whiteboarding, annotation, wireless presenting, and video conferencing all running on Android 11.

i3TOUCH P2 75"

The P2 is our next-gen capacitive touch display that was built for top performance in the classroom or meeting room. The advanced touch technology and active pens give the P2 an exceptional writing experience and enhanced interface.


Download the 3D renders to try these screens out in your space

See for yourself how a touch screen can elevate your design and offer users the modern, functional, collaborative spaces they crave. Use these 3D renders in your program of choice, such as AutoCAD, Rhino, or Adobe Suite, and make it a reality.

3D render


3D render


3D render


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