Omnimundo Antwerpen

Wie eine digitale Online-Plattform das Lernpotenzial von Erstlernenden steigert

Digitales Lernen ist kein Privileg von Eliten. Omnimundo, ein Kindergarten und Grundschule in Antwerpen, Belgien, hat einen hohen Anteil an ausländischen Schülern aus schwierigen sozialen Verhältnissen. Sie sind Erstlernende mit besonderen Herausforderungen. Olivier führte die digitale Lernplattform i3LEARNHUB in dieser Klasse ein, um das Lernpotential seiner Schüler voll auszuschöpfen. Er war von den Ergebnissen überrascht.


Finding a way to complement each student’s learning path is often very challenging. Olivier Dijkmans, primary teacher at Omnimundo, finds that using ICT in combination with an innovative teaching approach is the most effective way to take on the challenge.


“We offer our students the best possible support by letting them use custom programs and the internet.”


How i3 helped

The online learning platform i3LEARNHUB opens a new world of teaching and lesson creation. With free access to thousands of lesson activities, Olivier can see how fellow teachers use the platform, build on their work and ideas, exchange lessons with his colleagues, and adapt exercises to his students’ needs.


Remarkable results

Streamlined homework. The distribution of work and following up on it is easier than ever. From one interface Olivier can hand out, collect, grade and archive the assignments of each student.

Strong visual support. Some students need extra support to get most out of their education. i3LEARNHUB has their back with a rich library of curriculum aligned images, videos and animation apps. Lesson materials are not only much clearer, but also more interesting.

Increased independence. Strange words or phrases? Not a problem for Olivier’s students; they can easily open the built-in web search to look up their meaning in a safe environment.



Technology has quickly become essential in Olivier’s classroom and is now playing a vital role in his students’ learning development.


“Technology has transformed my classroom in a strong learning environment that thoroughly prepares my students for a bright future.”