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i3-Technologies revolutionizes the way people come together in their workspace by taking their experiences to the next level. We offer complete solutions consisting of hard- and software products that promote hands-on, collaborative learning in the classroom and real-time collaboration in the meeting room.

The solutions offered by i3-Technologies are based on three principles: iNTERACTIVITY, iNTEGRATION and iNSPIRATION (iii).


Our solutions are designed to foster one-to-one and group interactions. They encourage people to work together on projects in order to gain new knowledge and insights. Together they achieve more than they would separately.


By synergizing workspace, furniture and technology we create the ideal environment in which users can collaborate, learn and find solutions quickly and efficiently. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Inspiration is a prerequisite for success. By offering intuitive solutions that provide innovative ways of working, we stimulate creative thinking and motivate users to achieve the best results in their environment.

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