Flanders Synergy

250 iMO-LEARNs in the Flemish Parliament for the 'Day of the smart school' organized by Flanders Synergy.

Omnimundo Antwerp

How online digital platform boosts learning potential of first-time learners.

European School Brussels

The digital era is changing the face of education.

De Bremberg Diest

Children push their boundaries at De Bremberg

Schillerschule Unna

A school that gets children moved by learning.

Proximus Belgium

i3-Technologies and Proximus, a leading Belgian telecom provider, teamed up to offer a joint solution for Digital Workplaces to Belgian companies.

SimVis Glasgow

The School of Simulation and Visualisation (SimVis) at The Glasgow School of Art core areas of activity are primarily centred around the development of new technologies.

Colegio Virgen De Pompeya, Chile

Colegio Virgen De Pompeya in Chile was looking for an advanced and learning-centered solution to support lesson content & teacher development.