Live educative collaboration in the classroom or from home.

i3LEARNHUB is a learning platform enabling teachers to bring digital content to students, stimulate collaboration and prepare students with 21st century learning skills.

Trusted by thousands of teachers and schools

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The easiest way to bring digital content to your students in the class or from home.

As an educational specialist we're aware of all the tools you need to teach your classes in an engaging way. Our learning platform has a broad spectrum of possibilties, from a collaborative online whiteboard to Augmented Reality.

Create your own lessons or lean on the community

Create, share and collaborate on your personal lessons or benefit from a public library where you can find thousands of rated and curated lessons for free, made by your peers and colleagues.

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Teach and engage students anywhere

Prepare and deliver lessons anywhere and anytime. Involve students and grab their attention with polling, 1:1 learning and collaborative learning.


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Create and share everything

Create exercises on different levels and share them with your students individually on i3LEARNHUB or Google Classroom

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Work together on the same board

Allow an entire class to work together on the same whiteboard, physically or digitally. 

“We looked at the results in my class since we started using technology
and more than 85% of the children are able to get more grip on the
learning material and we also saw improved test results in over 88%
thanks to the use of these digital technologies.“



Olivier Dijkmans - Omnimundo

Monitor, interact and collaborate with OnAir and Google Classroom

We want to bring you closer to your students than ever before, even on remote. With i3LEARNHUB you'll be able to live stream classes online while sharing a collaborative lesson. We're also facilitating distance learning by integrating with Google Classroom. This way you'll be able to easily share your lessons and exercises in i3LEARNHUB with your students that are linked to your Google Classroom!

Access a vast library of exciting educative
content for all ages

We don't only lean on our community of teachers to create educational content but we're also integrated with some exciting content providers. Discover new ways of teaching and get access to all sorts of media to enrich the minds of your pupils.

Introduce some fun and create engaging activities

Easily create tons of activities with your own text and images, and share them with your students instantly. Find new ways to teach 'dull' matter in an engaging way, remote or on location. 

Blend the digital with the physical world

Learnhub isn't just an online learning platform but it can also interact with real life objects. Not only do we provide educational augmented reality tools to improve the learning process, we're proud to be the sole provider of a concept known as 'IMO-LEARN', a unique way to combine learning and moving

Not familiar with digital or remote teaching ?

Education is constantly evolving to prepare children better for their future. Young people need new skills to be successful in this rapidly changing world and teachers need new competencies to effectively teach those skills to their students.

A tailored training program that meets the needs of the school and teachers will guarantee success in the 21st-century classroom.

Did we already tell you it's FREE?

Don't have an i3LEARNHUB account yet? Click on the button below to create an individual account and use the voucher code i3LH2020 to get free access to all i3LEARNHUB features until the end of the school year.

Or do you have a free account with limited access? You too get the chance to enjoy all the features in i3LEARNHUB for free until the end of the school yearHow do you do that? Very simple! Follow the steps in this video to activate your individual account. Use the discount code i3LH2020.

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us via i3allstars@i3-technologies.com.