i3LEARNHUB Augmented Reality Tools

Compass, Ruler, Protractor triangle

Enjoy the ease of use of a traditional, physical measuring tool, while i3LEARNHUB digitally optimizes your drawings.

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Charger for i3SYNC Pro & Touch

A charger for your i3SYNC devices that also serves as an accessory tray to store different cables or other accessories. You will always have a clean desk and fully charged batteries.

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Floor mounts for touchscreens

A wide variety of floor mounts for touchscreens featuring electrical height adjustment, tip function and castors or floor plate. 

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Electronic wall mount

Height-adjustable electronic wall mount for interactive whiteboards systems.

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Hinged wings for whiteboards

Extend your whiteboard surface with two hinged wings to provide more space to write or to temporarily hide information.

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Active speaker system

Bring your videos and interactive tools to life with the active speaker system that works perfectly with an i3BOARD, i3PROJECTOR and i3COMPUTER.

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