Become an i3AMBASSADOR

A program for all teachers working with i3-Technologies solutions that rewards them for their contribution. Our community is a group of enthusiastic educators who love to share their experiences with other teachers worldwide! 

Empowering teachers

Building a Community

An i3AMBASSADOR is a teacher who embodies i3-Technologies' products and their use, even in combination with other educational programs and platforms. They are eager for the opportunity to help new teachers and to share examples with others. Educators who are new to education technology, but also those who are confident and want to collaborate.

Create and share

Create and share, for example, i3LEARNHUB content in the public library. Share your experiences and knowledge on using our technology to teach your children. Share your ‘how-to’s‘ and pictures on socials.

Collaborate and inspire

We put you in touch and set up collaborations to bring the world closer together. We expand your knowledge by exchanging ideas in online and live meetings with educators worldwide.

Engage and win

Earn points by participating in activities, webinars, writing blogs, using social media, and so on, and benefit from it yourself.

You will be rewarded!

Become an i3AMBASSADOR

Apply to become an i3AMBASSADOR in three easy steps!

  1. Fill out the application form below.
  2. Receive the link for our onboarding program and be contacted by an i3-Technologies Education Consultant. 
  3. Be a lifelong learner! Engage, interact, and spread the word!

Apply to be an i3AMBASSADOR