Taking a British primary school on a learning journey with iMO-LEARN

In the first week of July, our team visited the Burnt Ash Primary School in Bromley, UK. This school participated in our contest at BETT Show in London and won an iMO-LEARN digital classroom pack. iMO-LEARN is a cube for active learning designed to promote active movement in the classroom. Our team delivered a 2 day professional development training to 4 key teachers who will lead the project to successfully implement the new technology in the school. We took the school on a learning journey in 3 sessions.

Session 1: Training the teachers

In a first session the teachers got to know all about the funny iMO-LEARN cube,with its analogue and digital features, and got hands-on training how to use it in their class to make lessons more active and dynamic.

Session 2: Kids discover the FUN of embodied learning

The second session was a workshop with the students. A group of twenty 11 year olds enjoyed every minute of the workshop! We first started with exploring the iMO-LEARN, then we played some goofy games. Last but not least we also played with the Activity Builder, which allows you to build personalized interactive exercises for students to engage them more in learning.

It was great to see how all students were engaged and motivated during the workshop. They even skipped their break to continue playing with iMO-LEARN. A clear sign for the teachers and the principal that using iMO-LEARN in class will have tremendous success.

Session 3: Getting interactive with i3LEARNHUB & i3LIGHTHOUSE

During the last session we made a project planning in order to successfully implement the new technology, followed by a half day training on our online learning platform i3LEARNHUB and i3LIGHTHOUSE, an interactive floor projector which they bought immediately after visiting us at the BETT show in January.

It was heartwarming to see the enthusiastic team at Burnt Ash School embracing their new technology. To be continued…

What about you? Are you interested in doing a similar project with us? Or would you like to know more about i3LEARNHUB and iMO-LEARN?




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