Join our webinar and find out how you can bring your lessons to life with i3LEARNHUB and Lifeliqe!

In early September we announced the integration of Lifeliqe science content in our online lesson platform i3LEARNHUB. To help you make optimal use of this integration and help you create powerful science lessons, we have decided to organize a live webinar to show you how to use Lifeliqe with i3LEARNHUB.

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When it will take place? November 28th, 2PM CET / 1PM GMT

Who will speak?

Anneke Verbeeck
, our Education Consultant at i3-Technologies. She makes teachers enthusiastic about i3LEARNHUB and shows them how easy it is to create an interactive lesson on the digital board and share it with students.

Martin Bukacek, a Community Shaman and School Audience Director at Lifeliqe. He empowers teachers to get students excited about learning, as well as he connects Lifeliqe with the worldwide education community. He represents the educator's voice, and allows educators to be heard in the development of Lifeliqe.  

Olivier Dijkmans, a Primary School Teacher with a passion for technology, innovation and diversity. He teaches in the 5th grade of Omnimundo, a primary school in Antwerp, Belgium. In his class he has children of about 15 different nationalities and they all love to learn with technology.

Key takeaways:

Anneke Verbeeck: Introduction

Martin Bukacek: Introduction to Lifeliqe
Martin will introduce you to Lifeliqe, a visual learning platform that makes it exciting to learn and teach science with interactive 3D models, as well as Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. 

Martin Bukacek: How to use Lifeliqe with i3LEARNHUB
Martin will show how to use Lifeliqe with i3LEARNHUB. Lifeliqe is a 3D learning platform that makes learning exciting and deepens understanding of difficult science topics. Together with i3LEARNHUB, it makes collaboration on science topics an exciting learning journey.

In his session he will answer the following questions:
• How to find Lifeliqe in i3LEARNHUB and search for the 3D content to make the class more engaging.
• How to leverage Lifeliqe's 3D library in your classroom to spark the memorable AHA moments in the classroom.
• How students can create their own content with 3D and cultivate their learning passion.

Olivier Dijkmans: Classroom story and tips
Olivier is going to share his story of how he uses both i3LEARNHUB and Lifeliqe to teach in an innovative way in his classroom. He will give an example of specific lesson activities and share his own user tips.




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  • Join our webinar on i3LEARNHUB & Lifeliqe
    Join our webinar on i3LEARNHUB & Lifeliqe

    Join our webinar and find out how you can bring your lessons to life with i3LEARNHUB and Lifeliqe!

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