Behind the scenes:

10-year-olds testing new 3D content in i3LEARNHUB

Children are visual learners. They love all things visual and digital, and understand things more quickly when they can picture it in their minds. This has motivated us to team up with Lifeliqe, a platform that uses interactive 3D models to make science much more fun to teach and learn.

As of September 2018, the science content from Lifeliqe will be integrated in i3LEARNHUB, our easy cloud-based lesson platform. This integration will make it easy for teachers to find, use, share and create powerful science lessons. The rich content from Lifeliqe combined with the ease of use of i3LEARNHUB create a great flow in the classroom.

Lifeliqe and i3LEARNHUB have already opened a new world of teaching and learning in the classroom of Olivier Dijkmans, Primary Teacher at Omnimundo, Antwerp. He already had the pleasure to test both platforms in his class in June.

"i3LEARNHUB and Lifeliqe are two powerful platforms that enable me to teach in an innovative way. I can use the 3D models to write on, manipulate and share with my students. This way I can give them a new way to look at the world around them." - Olivier Dijkmans

His students were also very excited about the project:

 "It's very nice to see the world in a whole new way." - Innoscence Asomo, student at Omnimundo.


Watch the teaser video




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